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They came to wreak Hell! No one knew where the Blobs had come from, but Earth sure learned what they were here for quickly.

They came to wreak Hell is a free scrolling action shooter for the NES, Team Disposable's submission for the 2022 NESDEV compo.

Originally an entry to the NESDEV 2022 compo (currently still being judged in November 2022) all updates will be posted here.

Any comments, criticism etc, feel free to post them either page.


v0.3a "Blob Hard"

-Now with the correct file

v0.3 "Blob music" (note - this was actually an extremely old test build)

-Now with sound effects.

v0.2.1 "Make your own endings"

-fixed bug in 0.2 always leading to ending b

v0.2 "Make your own Sound Effects edition"

-2 different endings

-New weapon graphics

-New in game GUI

-Running timer and blobs dispatched scores

-New Intro screen

-Continue option added

-Old continue option renamed to warp to

-Some bug fixed

-Some bugs left for rustic charm

-Sound fx still disabled

The Nesdev page with the older version is here: https://team-disposable.itch.io/they-came-to-wreak-hell-nesdev

Playable on a real NES or an emulator. 

Updated 14 days ago
Published 23 days ago
TagsNES (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES ROM

Install instructions

Download the ROM and run it in a NES emulator - MESEN and FCEUX are good ones.




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really fun!  Haven’t played too far into it yet but the action is really nice and the music is catchy, found myself shooting along to the beat at the blobs lol,  glad vintage is the new old posted about your game so I was able to hear about it! 

Yeah, Vintage is the New Old is the best! Thanks for playing!

Very cool game. I really enjoyed it!