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Trouble at 2a03 is team disposables 2021 Nesdev competition entry.

The Future. Mankind manufactures its products in factories in the skies.

One such factory is 2a03 which makes a multi use semi intelligent metal called metal organics.

No one has heard from 2a03 in several hours. Your team have been sent in to investigate. When landing something happens to your ship and it crashes. You black out. When you recover, the factory is overrun with hostile metal organics. What happens next is up to you.

Use your upgradable Electron Gun to battle the rogue metal organics in this top down action adventure!

(this compo build contains the first section of the game, Central Zone)

✜ Move
Ⓐ Shoot/Interact
Ⓑ Strafe
Select: Change Weapon


trouble_in_2a03-nesdev-submission-build.nes 64 kB

Install instructions

Download the rom and either run it on your NES or an emulator

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