A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to Team Disposables' third Ludum Dare release!

Our second release for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Arlington Apple in an Interplanetary Pickle*, a short gravity defying platformer. Stuck on a small asteroid, prepare to frantically scramble over every available surface searching for the three crystals to power up your car and get off this rock.

Install instructions

Download the rom and use it on a NES or in an NES emulator of your choice


You can play the game online here (uses flash):


Please note this is the post-ld version! Should you end up playing Mario, rate the emotions you feel. Should you play something by LJN, rate the opposite. We're working on a trust system here, people.


You're awesome, thanks for trying our game. Here's the best NES emulator around for Windows:


Download the ROM file below and run it in this.


You're the best. Hope you're using TOR too, champ. For NES emulators, you've either already got one, or: http://www.zophar.net/linux/nes/fce-ultra.html

*was originally called "A Small World before we decided on a title

changelog since LD deadline:

RC3 - bug fix on jump and platform collision

RC4 to RC7a - more bugfixes, most found courtesy of the lovely people on forums.nesdev.com.

post-ludum dare1 - disabled coins

post-ludum dare 2 - fixed side entrance for anyone who went out the exit before collecting the crystals. fixed unintentional level warp.

post-ludum dare 3 - coins now collectable. changed crystals posted the wrong file

post-ludum dare 4 - corrected file, coins now collecatble and changed crystals

comments on the game

the game currently has no sound or music. this may or may not be rectified.

In the LD version, the coins cannot be collected. They can in the post-LD version, but do not yet do anything. More soon!


arlington_apple_latest 64 kB
ludum_dare.rc-7a.nes 64 kB
map.zip (spoilers!) 57 kB


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Hello, I'm a Speedrunner / TASer on YouTube but I am unable to get through the game.

Is there any tutorial anyone can link me to.

It would be really nice if you make one, as you would be the best at showing the gameplay.

Yeah no worries, will do in the next few days.

Thank You, that's gonna be exciting

Sorry forgot about this! Will try and get to in the next few days!


I've uploaded "map.bmp.zip" - its a map of the whole game. You need to collect the three crystals, which I've highlighted in orange, and exit through the central tunnel. I took the screen shots using the older version of the game but the layout is identical.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

 I know this was uploaded over a year ago, I was wondering if this project is still being updated?

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Dear team disposable, may I please re-share your games on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> https://retrobrews.itch.io/. Thank you in advance! Retro Fan